Dirty-mouthed Flo, she cusses like a sailor
And the boys at the RR say she's a flat firebrand
Yeah but they don't know how the dirty words fair her
When she's tearin' up the bed with a natural goodtime man

I remember the night I met her
I was starin' down a G and T
When a gal let fly with an F-word
I had to look around and see
The bartender said "Hey, buddy
Don't even let it cross your mind"
But I took her home, and I'm glad I did
'Cause I found the heart that the mouth kept hid
She's a whole different women when the lights get low
Dirty-mouthed Flo

Well, it sure beats me how a woman
As filthy as a pig at a trough
Can turn to a perfect angel
The second that her clothes come off
But when Flo gets her love-gears goin'
Her tongue quits workin' awhile
And nestled in satin with her legs spread wide
She looks sweeter than a July bride
And it won't be long 'til down to the chapel I'll go
With dirty-mouthed Flo
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Dirty-Mouthed Flo Lyrics

Robbie Fulks – Dirty-Mouthed Flo Lyrics

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