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Rolling $tone Lyrics

Rob $tone – Rolling $tone Lyrics

Uhm-hmm, yeah

[Verse 1]
Back up, ho back up
I fuck a check up then stack up
I'm bout my money, no answers
For all these questions they askin'
I see these cameras, they flashin'
I fucked your bitch cause I'm handsome
I check ya later, I'm dashin'
In alligators, I pass up
I get my cash up, my cash up
Now runnin' bands up them bands
And my chain just glisten on camera
I still ain't picked up the fat one
When I need these people to back up
Go make a nigga just act up
I cheese for cameras to gather
I kick my feet up in traffic
Give me all my space, just give me room bitch
And if you niggas got a problem make a move bitch
See how the copy make copies
These paparazzi keep watchin'
I'm off the chain, I keep flossin'
Make people want me, they haunt me
Watch me keep tauntin', go walkin'
Still take a bitch like it's nothin'
I think they want me, they want me
Still ain't got me, still plottin'
Please keep the leeches up off me
Please keep the trees in your pockets
Please keep your knees, know you want me
But I do me so keep walkin', yeah

Keep goin'? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Give me room, bitch
Give me room, bitch
Give me room, bitch
Give me room, bitch
Make a move bitch
Make a move bitch

[Verse 2]
Stack up, I stack up
Yeah I just rack up and rack up
I told my new bitch don't act up
Just keep it cool and don't act up
I'm with a new bitch
She think she cool shit
Man she just lackin' the answers
To how to deal with demand up
To get them grams up to average
All up in a different tax bracket
I need my mama so happy
When she see me, she start dancin'
I'm making static ecstatic
To get the cash, yeah I'm rappin'
I let 'em have it, I'm at it
I'm like an addict for cabbage
How do I watch the cream when I got pussy around me?
I see you in the mirror, need to stop looking behind me
I'm faster, go faster
I pick my speed up, I gas it
The damage done so demand it
Please put this beat in the casket
Please don't leave me in my (?)
Please don't get greedy for ransom
Please don't be needy, no askin'
Please don't you see me just graspin'
Just leave the peace in my castle
I leave the grove as a statue
I'm in my zone let 'em have it
Bitch I'm the gold and the cancer
God damn
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