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Lemon Grove Lyrics

Rob $tone – Lemon Grove Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rob $tone]
See I'm a Lemon Grove nigga, I'm all about my scrilla
My problems are hard to live with, my dollars I always get 'em, no problem
'Bout my business, my kidneys take artificials
My mental is far from simple, you piglets is always giving me problems
Who can try and come stop me, I'm somewhat cocky
Not sloppy but when she top me it might be she love the ink on my body
Oh you watching, you'll never touch me
Addicted to drugs and money, in love with the one I'm fucking
It's nothing but really something, you got it
Do something about it
I'm always lusting for bitches who come from money
'Cause bitches who come from nothing just wanna be out in public
They all on the camera stunting, in my whip, it's funny
Now my bitch, you nothing
Don't trust a ho, I don't love 'em
My nigga told me it's ugly
We hit the block and we run it
Them niggas was up to somethin'
But shit I been stacking money
Not really, man stacking hundreds
My fingers busted from thumbin'
I really came up from nothing, the Phantom coming this summer
My dancers a dime a dozen, my diamonds dance for abundance
The hundreds and nothing other
You not my friend, not my brother
You backing out when it's ugly
I knew I could never trust you
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 2: Malik Burgers]
Wish it was all fun and games
Burgers baby, you know the name
Niggas go about it strange
I need the paper before the fame
Never intimidated, niggas don't wanna see me make it
I mean I get it, I just guess I never been a hater
These fuck niggas fakin', these niggas think I'm playing
I make your bitch a stranger, all I do is lift a finger
Cool calm and collective, bitches in my collection
Only one worth the mention, I really do this shit
Shaking problems off, you probably stalk me like these bitches
When they niggas gettin' caught, I told these niggas not to do it
It's twelve o' fuckin' seven, that's the motherfuckin' movement
Leave these niggas clueless, they ask me how we do it
I only speak the truth and nigga nothing else included
Oh he on some new shit, oh he with a new bitch
I keep this shit one hundred and just wait until you switch
Nigga, fuck, yeah, fuck
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