As the sun starts to set in a southern sky
You hold your breath like your dyin'
For everything your heart desires
And as you see the twilight sinkin'
Thinkin' like your all alone
Catch your tears and wash your feelings
Tomorrow will always come

Don't go down to the river down to the riverside
I hope that your situation starts to turn out right
Don't go down to the river down to the riverside
All the lonely are swimmin' their troubles tonight

The wide open spaces of your mind have all but gone
The days of simple existence refresh your soul
You've got to think that your needed
For who and what you are
So keep watchin' that southern sky
Cause every night is broken at dawn

And every reason that seems to mystify you
You can always make believe
And every wish or dream that comes to your mind
Don't drown it by the riverside

Don't go down to the river way down to the riverside
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The Riverside Lyrics

Rob Tognoni – The Riverside Lyrics