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Oh Margot Please Lyrics

Rob Moir – Oh Margot Please Lyrics

Oh Margot got knocked up with a half bred child
She leans over serves coffee on the other side of town
On some nights she struts and poses in the rain
In the morning a mess like a bomb on a train

Her mother cuts coupons and saves all her change
Curses out Margot for spreading her legs
To a man who only loved her daughter for a day

And then took off to Memphis where they buried the king
Of pills and coke and alcohol
Yeah, the mother fucking king of rock n roll

He said hey!
What do I say?
Margot sweet girl, please love that bastard child

Councilor Howard was the son of a dollar
Where perfume and red lipstick could spoil white collar's
But he kept his ship tight, his nose cleaned and wiped
If only he could stop spending habits by his wife

He feels guilty when he masturbates
Like a pedophile monster, frat boy date rape
Councilor when you die you know where you'll go
That Jesus loves your money more than you will know

He said hey!
What do I pay?
For the safe return of my child

I've been taught to be upfront
To be afraid and how I learned to hate
Attractive ideals are swimming with our genes
As one thin girl once swore to me
But I didn't care, because I got lost in her wavy hair
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