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Conclusions Lyrics

Rob Curly – Conclusions Lyrics

Relationships are messy peoples feelings get hurt
Who needs it, we're young
We live in one of the most beautiful city in the world
Might as well have fun while we can and save the more serious stuff

I wish I had that mindset
Before I wasted 3 years
On some fucking nonsense
So no you've been oh so kind
But thats a front
Don't be out here acting like
You ain't getting free lunch
I didn't ask you for much
Just some loyalty true
But you ain't give that
You ain't familiar with truth
And that's the truth
And I ain't see it
I should have known
I saw the signs but I ain't believe it
And I do regret it
I'm glad I finally said it

What happens if you fall in love
You don't believe that do you

Man I'm stupid
I should have knew it
Grew out of Santa Clause but never Cupid
What a fuckin' movie
That I've been living
Asking why god why god
You must be kiddin'
Whats the fucking reason
I heard there's always one
I've been trying to find it
But it don't ever come
Tell me

Alright I'm gonna get in on the fun here these guys are gonna let me sing along on a wonderful tune Love Is The Answer

In all of my dreams
You're all I see
So what can I do

Yeah love is a beautiful thing true
And that's a sense that I finally came to
It's the good and the bad
It's the good with the bad
It's the bliss and the terrible pain too
Don't trip if its cut short
'Cause it doesn't always last long
But enjoy it while it fucking lasts
'Cause you never get the same song

It's a playlist
It's a playlist
It's a playlist
It's a playlist

In all of my dreams
You're all I see
So what can I do
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