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Don't Sleep On It Lyrics

Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock – Don't Sleep On It Lyrics

Emcees, tryin' ta play post, play me up close, brag and boast

Ya know

Things like that make me weary, but

I never let a rapper get near me, cuz

I'm Rob Base, pick up the pace

It takes more than beats to rock this place

It takes more than rhymes to rock this time

Rhyme for rhyme, the Base design

M. C. 's get mad, cuz I'm blowin' up

To every battle, the Base keeps showin' up

A fast tempo, a-with a hook

Don't judge a book by the way that the cover look

Cuz I'm mean, reign supreme

Wrote my first rhyme at the age of fifteen

I'm like a match, when struck I burn

Not concerned cuz I'm sure that ya won't learn

Now git up, and let's start

I wanna see which sucka got heart

I get fresh as I get older

Every time I rock I get bolder

So don't sleep, and say I'm wack

Cuz if ya do ya get backslap (backslap)


If it's not in your vision

Don't sleep on it

Don't sleep on it

Don't make a-no decision

Turn it up! (On the bass right now)

Drop your ego, and let me go

And just show what I know cuz I'm on the go

I rock smooth, bust a move, hit me

And the way I perform, you can't forget me

Clear off the smoke, this ain't a joke

The new kid on the block is like dope

Been here for a while, been all punishment

But now I'm on (I'mon), so let's start it

No I'm not retarded, or either crazy

I work hard, I'm not lazy

Rappers don't faze me, or eith-amaze me

Or either come up close and just graze me

Coolin', neva be a fool, and

Gimme just a little mo' time I be rulin

Tell it to the mack, cuz I'm on wax

But should I pay tac, or should I just act

To get a new job, yes, time is what I'm pressed for

Every time I perform ya want more so (so...)


Aaaaaah, break it down, to get the dope sound

Then hang around with the posse from Uptown

On the Ave, they get cash

But I leave it alone cuz I'm a smash

On the mic, I think differently, a-from another or other mc who

Intervene, try to just rip up the Rob on the sneak tip

I get mad, they get sad, or either rag the had cuz I'm that bad

I'm not frontin', cuz this is my theory

You don't believe me, so just hear me

I rock harder, I rock longer

I do this cuz I gotta get stronger

A lotta rappers rhyme harder, and meaner

But I rhyme with the sound that's cleaner

" I ain't nuthin'", that's what they say

Well ok if they wanna play that way

Cuz I'm Rob buttkickin' Base

What rapper's next to be erased?

On my list, I'm not known to diss

But I'll do it, so don't sleep on this, c'mon


Hit it, admit it, ya did it, ya can't fit it

So forget it cuz I know you ain't wit' it

In the centre, I didn't rent her

Sat 'cha butt in the chair, got a splintuh!

Back in the days, amazed by the rap phrase

Rap today, to me it don't faaaaaaze me

I'm not another M. C., or angry by the way ya speak to me

Jealousy; what makes you wanna battle me

Dope beats; what makes you wanna idol me

It ain't nuthin' to me or E-Z

Cuz I'm the are, the O, the B, and he's E-Z

I bust a fee wherever it be, ya see

He or me, the E, the Z, the A, the B

Alphabet's from A to Z, ya see

I'm not tryin' to confuse your mind

I'm just tryin' to pump this plain old fresh rhyme

I stay calm, rap like a pro

I know ya know, so let's go, c'mon!


Now E-Z Rock, you remember how we did it before

I want you to do it one more time, for ya mind

1-2-3, give it to 'em

If it's not (scratching)

Don't sleep on it, come on!

If it, if it, if it's not (scratching)

Don't sleep on it, come on!

(To fade)
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