Ain't no time for pride these days
Put one foot down, then step in place
It's a cold world we're livin' in, here
Makes you wonder how the hell we got here
Ways you knew, to earn your keep
Just don't work now -- a change in scene
It's all the same, city to city
You can't hold out on the [unintelligible]

I'll walk it off, if this dream's just a fable
But if it ain't
You need it done, I do my thing before they would
I don't mind, I take the crumbs up off the table
If it gets me to the table to eat at all

[Instrumental break]

'Bout to feel some real hard times
Might get raw for yours and mine
Don't let your spirit get to thinkin'
Might find yourself up on the brink, and
If you see your folks need you
Do whatever you've got to do
There's fire and brimstone in these four walls
And your diamond will is gonna rub off


I'll walk it off
If it gets too cold, I'll walk it off
It won't take my soul, I'll walk it off
However long the road

[Instrumental break]
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Crumbs off the Table Lyrics

RJD2 – Crumbs off the Table Lyrics