Uhm uhm uhm uhm uhm uhm
Uhm uhm uhm uhm uhm

When you walked by affection
In my thought
You pictured on my mind pasted on
My brain
All I saw was love
This another day
On another stage
Smiling all the way
Smiling it won't fade
I love you till today
The day we break up
My heart will fall apart
The day I roll around
I know you so fine
Your heart is all mine
From now until we die
Is like we drunk inlove
This the same topic
Im sorry bout the day
The day I made you cry
I know I have to change
I know I have to change
Change my life page
This the new chapter
The future is on its way
The future is today
The day I wanna stay
Your love is all I say
Surrounding on my brain
Tell me im insane
Tell me this will last
Uhm uhuh uhm
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Young Love Lyrics

Rizo – Young Love Lyrics

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