Ever have one of those days
When you can’t get out of bed
You think of all things you gotta get done
But your body feels like lead

Well I know just how you feel
Because sometimes I feel that way too
Then I think it’s a brand new day
Better start it, out brand new

Life is kinda strange you know
It seems you’re always in a race
You take off to fast, or a little to slow
But you never seem to find a pace

Well I know I’m not giving in
Cause you can kick me even when I’m down
I'll just keep on getting up,
I'm gonna ride, the world go round


Well I can't tell you how to feel
I can't tell you what to do
But I can tell you that I care
You know lots of people do

So I think it’s a brand new day
Better start it a brand new way
Yeah I know it’s a brand new day
Why don’t you start it
Brand new too.
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Brand New Day Lyrics

Riverwild – Brand New Day Lyrics

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