The frame is out of focus but the angle and the lights are
Just right, yeah just right
And the views from the floor are for us,
Sweet and bitter with a taste of
Tonight, tonight

Flying off the handle
Of the pot that called the kettle
Black and blue in the hall
Where you're bleeding on the wall
And the devil's on the stairs,
And he's unprepared for
What I can do for you

And I can see
It's gonna be ones of those nights
That's all about me
It's all about style and the glare of the lights
This is poise, this is grace this is dignity
This is noise, this is pace, this integrity
It won't let me down
It won't let me down

And the actors take their places
Set their poses, pull their faces
Just right, just right

I'm turning blue
While I'm waiting for my cue
In the room down the hall,
Where the writing's on the wall

The devil's on the stairs
And he's unprepared
For what I can do for you
You will be too

I want all of your lines
I will recite them just like mine
I won't go back on my word
The taste, the touch, the sound that you heard
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Jack Bauer Has Had A Rough Day Lyrics

Riverside – Jack Bauer Has Had A Rough Day Lyrics