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I Was Scared Lyrics

Rivers Cuomo – I Was Scared Lyrics

Listen to me
I've got to clear the air
There's something I've held way down deep inside all these years
You always were a friend
You always trusted me
But now I must admit that I was not trustworthy

I let you down
I sold you out
I turned away as you fell onto the ground
I was scared
And I was terrified
I was lost and so I shied away

And I don't know what I can do to make it up to you
I can't turn back the clock
I can't rewrite the book
But if I could, the end would be happy
You would be safe
And I would be proud to look at you when I look you in the face


Though I love you
I was so afraid
I could not think of anything to say

Though I loved you (Though I loved you)
Though I trusted you
Though I needed you (Though I needed you)
I was so afraid
I was so afraid (I was so afraid)

And I promise that I'll never ever do
The thing that I did on that day when I acted like the fool
I might get my ass beat,
My throat slit, and my fingers hacked
But I'll never miss another chance to watch my brother's back (And I got yours)


I was scared
I was terrified
I was lost and so I let you down
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Songwriters: RIVERS CUOMO
I Was Scared lyrics © E O Smith Music

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