I thought I saw my breath
As I looked up at the sky
And I heard the train come by
I might just catch a ride

I tried to lock myself away
And pretend it didn抰 matter
But every time I pushed it away
It only came back stronger

Hello, November
Haven抰 seen you for awhile
Hello, November
Hope I didn抰 leave you wanting more

Tripped on a memory
It filled my heart with lead
Just like my train
I抣l keep movin? On instead

I didn抰 mean to drag you down
But I needed you around
You helped me build this wall
Now help me burn it down

慍ause I can only give
What they haven抰 taken
But whatever抯 left you know I抎 leave it all to you
Let抯 make an escape
Let抯 write a new story
And leave it all behind

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Hello November F.M. Lyrics

River City High – Hello November F.M. Lyrics