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Authentic Lyrics

Rise Of The Northstar – Authentic Lyrics

Whatever the trend
We're Authentic
Oh, my god, this is it, the first album is out, Hiroshima Pit
Since my first lyrics I spit the same shit
Suicidal vibes, Futago Spirits
I'm not a fake MC but a real thrasher
Slayer on my ghetto blaster
On stage, on track we remains authentic
Let's talk about your pride or your real ethics
All I see is a flock of sheep
Yeah, now you do what they told ya
Nice tattoo, good boy, go to sleep
Whatever the trend
We're Authentic
Like Emperor Souther I have no guards
Attack from anywhere, little coward
Here we go again, destruction time
Submission of the haters through the rhymes
And you talk, talk, talk about us, about me
Mais nique ta mère, love from my country
I know this game, I know my roots
Don't stamp on my work with your big black boots
Ouais, ouais, ouais mec
Sur les dernières strophes j'vais t'sanctionner en Français
N'essaie même pas de venir me tester
Mon flow vogue au fil des mots le tiens s'noie
Tu sais ce qu'on dit: "Si tu kiffes pas t'écoutes pas et puis c'est tout."
Ta carrière est une défaite, ton crew à genoux
On avance avec nos propres codes personne ne nous domptera
...achi e Ike kora
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