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Hypodermis Glitch Lyrics

Rings Of Saturn – Hypodermis Glitch Lyrics

Pick the gristle from the teeth
A festering itch to scratch the larve from the orifice
Hypodermis glitch
A simple slit, but one that can't be stitched
Malignant space, the gravitational constant gripping at the all elusive celestial apparition
Forever bound here
A festering itch to scratch the larve from the orifice
Hypodermis glitch
A simple slit, but one that can't be stitched

Internal swelling
Plasma expelling coagulation of vomit and blood
Slithering like worms beneath your skin
You must surrender to the pathogen
Every nerve inflamed with misery
Scream to me
Beg me for mercy
Bleeding eyes blurring your vision
Pressing your fingers into the incision

Those of the royal bloodline I beseech
Immortal populace, to fucking rip their hearts out
Mucus covered orbs metastasize on the body
Expulsion of the cluster of all ailment
A painful metamorphosis to sift the labyrinth of all time
A ripple through the flesh of the cosmos
Enter the event horizon, the force of a hypernova
Pressing against the skulls and crushing their spines
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