Didn't I predict one day,
That this day would be soon to come?
Now my heart, that's bewildered by love,
Shaking still, shaking still, uncontrollably.

Even this sadness deep in me
That no one else has realized,
It was somehow taken to him,
It's as if, he were my love that's destined to be,

One small star is shining, and I call it myself,
It has sprouted up with one single drop of love,
If you fear of losing your loved things,
Then you cannot fight...

Make a prayer to the moon, make a prayer to the stars,
And engrave the path to travel down your loving heart,
There's a reason for these tears running down my face,
It is a fateful Piece of Love,
Meeting with a special Piece of Heart
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Piece Of Love Lyrics

Rina – Piece Of Love Lyrics

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