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Bury, Bury, Bury Another Lyrics

Rilo Kiley – Bury, Bury, Bury Another Lyrics

We had jobs then
We were happy
Because we had jobs that we liked
Now it's just hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry us up
We got to get it done tonight

And the roads that you built
Won't get us there fast enough
And the shadows on the hills
They don't shade us enough from the beating-downs
Maybe distance might wash away your loved ones
That left you all at once, just because
It was bury, bury, bury, bury another

You'd wash your feet
As you make your way up
To some overly quiet place
You never looked hard enough
For your own last name or someone you liked at all
To keep you standing there with flowers

We had love then
We had attachments
And we had carelessness on our side
Now all the afternoons between romances
Keep us hanging on
We wish our ex was by our side
And the loves that you had, they didn't please you enough
Now your face is in your hands
And you wonder if anyone ever will, ever will, ever will
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