Ladies and gentleman...
The moment you have been waiting for...
A new style of class, rap and old school!
Please Welcome Rifle Unity!

My name is T-Time
Welcome to the show
I'm a bad man
Hope all yall motherfuckers know
Niggas don't play with me
I'm gonna kill you, ya see
With my rifle, my gun, my knife is the one.
I don't give a fuck cause to me this is fun
You're a fucking lame ass bitch
Turning into a geek to a snitch
If I only had one wish
I would give you every stitch.

I don't give a damn about my bad reputation (4x(

Million dollar T-50
Plus the coochie and the titties
Come over and get some of this
You know you want some of this
Guess what man, I don't give a fuck
Cause I came to you as what
A motherfucking tool
I got a mansion and a pool
No one's gonna take me away
Got these girls saying Ok
So everyone knows that you're gay
Happy is what I meant to say.

Chorus 4X

Treni pooh:
My name is Treni- Booh
All the boys say "Hey, Boo"
I'm a fly little girl
It's for the diamonds and the pearls
I'm a spoiled little brat
I'm so s*** and I'm phat
Not the F-A-T
Someone tells me I'm making babies
So go ahead and run
I don't fucking care
We are one
I'm a freestyle girl
I came to rock these niggas worlds
I'm so s***
And I'm phat
Yeah baby let's do it...
I'm all that Ok!

Chorus 4X

Teoni booh
Hey what's my name
Who am I related to
(Treni- Pooh)
Am I the best?
(Hell yes!)
Don't I like to flex?
(Hell yes)
You ain't shit
But a bitch
I'm so fly
I pick the glitch
I'm a natural woman
And I got the D's
Got millions of cheese
Got ya'll boys saying please?

Chorus 4X
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Bad Reputation Lyrics

Rifle Unity – Bad Reputation Lyrics