I just want to wake up in the morning
To a world were no ones crying
And now ones dying
And pollutions aren't lying
And the sun comes out and it's there to stay
I guess what I'm wishing for is a better day
Were the sky's not grey
Were the kids can play
In this tree and be safe
And everyone's equal on a first lay bases, no ones angry and no ones racist
Woke up to a place were guns were not invented
Where a place were these no need for a death sentence
And there's no religion
No Muslims, no Christians forgiveness is free
And there is no hate between the world and me
Where the just plain Jacob no Ridol Emcee
Screw the universe man I just want the key to that happier place
Lets go

To the place where there's no 9/11
To the place were kids don't go to heaven
There's no war in Afghanistan
There's no kid on the street eating out of crash cans
Were there's no such thing as suicide
And every single kid feels good inside
There's no need to scape and hid
You can hold your head high and walk with pride
If you need some help I'll be your guide
Then the clock sounded and I woke and realized that are world is stuffed
And peoples life and the world is still ruff
Bombs were going off in other countries
But to us this was all unseen
I cried myself back to sleep
I shut my eyes and continued to dream
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I Just Want To Dream Lyrics

Ridol – I Just Want To Dream Lyrics

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