It's Christmas time
Here in New Orleans
The streets are all empty
But for we three Queens
Who follow the fire
Of an old guitar
That burns so bright
Over the local bar

I know you told me girl
Why do you let them see you cry?
Look away, look away like me
And your crowd went wild
Who can say what breaks inside?

Me I woke up in the wings
And I still can't recognize
This sound my scars make
When I sing
How could you explain
A life as crazy as ours?

How would I explain a love
That fell down from the stars
And burned a light into the dark
That was my life for a while

And now you wake up again
In that old black hat
Another dream of me
Bet you don't tell her that

Now you roll over
Turn and smell her hair
You know, it's warm down here
For Christmas
We all hope you're cold up there
How do we explain a time
As crazy as ours?

How do you explain a love
That fell down from the stars
And burned a light
Into the dark?
That was my life
For a while

So when you're lost out here
On the Other Side of Desire
Come on in and warm your hands
On our eternal fire
We're all drinking and singing songs
Full of Christmas cheer
And every ghost there at the bar
Wishes that you were here
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Christmas In New Orleans Lyrics

Rickie Lee Jones – Christmas In New Orleans Lyrics

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