[Verse: Rick Ross]
... it was me
Bordeaux Polo, smoke eternal weed
No room for nonsense, you under new ownership
Pullin' niggas' cards, givin' shooters bonuses
Fuck the rumors, now I'm standin' in a room with yah
Face, gut, buck 50, got two pistols
We the knights of the templar
Born dope boy, oh I shoulda been [?]
Def Jam see me as a threat now
Hundred mill, any less is a let down

[Hook: French Montana]
This is it, boy
Stackin' money to the sky, gettin' rich, haaaan
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What A Shame Lyrics

Rick Ross – What A Shame Lyrics

Songwriters: Karim Kharbouch, William Roberts II
What A Shame lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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