I see you riding the wave
I see you riding the wave
These chains on my neck I'm a slave
I'm forever spending I don't save
Been doing my thing for a while
Lil niggas copy my style
My Diamonds water Blue Nile
I'm blinding you when I smile

I ain't ever ask for favors that's why I don't don't favors x4

Don't talk about style I'll embarrass you
Wave been dead I don't even gotta burry you
New nigga broke how that boy gon carry you
New girl a Model now you sick like you caught the flu
Now I'm getting more money then you never ever knew
I'm my own business Now I'm counting up my revenue
Now my heart colder than those boys up in Syracuse
Play me if you want boy you know you not bullet proof

I see it im coppin it
Jays I'm not rockin it
Stop wit the .9 you not popping it
I am the hottest sh*t you are the opposite Obstinate working hard but never
If you start it I finish it
Niggas is counterfeit
Fake for the money I'm not with it
There is no toppin this I need the green like a goblin I need the green
Like a goblin

You are not relevant Story's your telling Money I'm getting it Diamonds I
Swim in it
Boy you are Delicate Vlone I'm dressed in it Love I'm not stressing it
Never affectionate Ben is my only friend Get it I'm spending it no need for
The fire men lyrics I fire bend
Lil niggas steal my trend Money I never lend free beats I never send favors
Were never sent

Stop making music boy you boring forcing trash into my brain and is
Coursing killing
It since I was 14 Morphing into a legend and I'm just getting started
Diamonds cold hearted know you not a savage boy you only just talked it Not
About that life but I walked
Played football but Chalked it now I'm counting green no Boston

Only make moves with my set
Stay with the same Cause we next
Dressed in all black like I'm Death
Blue Nile Diamonds and they Wet
I broke the bank wit this check
I got a bank on my neck
My shooter stay wit the TEC
Petty Nigga tryn flex
Promise you will get finessed
Promise you will get finessed
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Blue Nile Lyrics

RichRick – Blue Nile Lyrics

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