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M.R.I Lyrics

Richie Righteous – M.R.I Lyrics

The doctor said you need an M. Are. I
Doctor doctor! I'm I alright?
Let me take some time to explain
Why this doc wanted ex-ray pictures of my brain
See after shows I used to get severe headaches
My wife said we should call the paramedics
I said no baby imma be alright
Meanwhile I'm in the bathroom throwin up all night
I should've went to see a doctor much sooner
Cuz Now I'm getting checked up for a tumour
Nah nah hold up wait!
I gotta practice what I preach
I better exercise faith
Besides-I got records to make
I gotta take my son to college and my daughter on a first date and i-wanna
Grow old with my wife so lord could you spare my life?

Nurse please pass the scapel
Yes doctor
What is his heart rate?
Doctor it's dropping
And he is breathing?
It doesn't look good either
Nurse tighten up the plan
Yes doctor
Doctor can you see?
No there is too much blood over here I can't see anything we need more
Sponges over here!
Sponges! Sponges! We need sponges!
And as of fact I can't see that matter
Ok doctor I got him.
What is his heart rate?
Doctor it's still dropping
No no no that's still not right
I'm losing him nurse we need more sponges!
He's losing too much blood
No I'm losing him! (I'm losing him)

Mrs ishmael?
Yes doc. Is? Is he ok? Is everything alright?
I have some bad news
No. Noo noo nooo nooo! That can't be true
Why you crying?
Mommy stop crying!
Stop crying mommy!
It was jus a dream!

Verse 2
I took the test and it came back negative
I thank God because now I gotta leave
Cuz somebody got digonosed today
I hope that somebody knows to pray
Cuz even if they told you got cancer
Raise your hands and worship
Cuz he is still the answer
All from the healing
All just to set me free
He took more strikes on his back than the referee
29 lashes
His pain was my gain
So in the name of jesus that come against migrate
If you need the cure let the blood flow
Cuz cancer gotta bow down
And aids gotta go
Sugar diabetis, schizopherenia, paralyisis, mutipos, tuberclosis an even
Nothin is too diffucult
Tell him whatchu meed is
Nothing is impossible for the blood of jesus!
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