She asked if I still thought she was pretty
I looked her in the eye, told her no
She said don't you wanna spend forever
I shook my head and said I don't think so

She asked me if she left me, would I miss her
Would it hurt me bad enogh to make me cry
I didn't say a word, I just kissed her
As I watched her a big ole tear fall from her eye

I said, I don't think you're pretty, you're beautiful
Forever's not a want, it's a need
And if you ever walked away, I'd do more than cry
And if you ever left me, I would die

She said you had me scared tehre for a minute
Thought what we had was headed out that door
Said I thought you didn't love me like you used to
But to tell you the truth, darling, I love you more



Outro: If you ever left me
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I Don't Think You're Pretty Lyrics

Richie Fields – I Don't Think You're Pretty Lyrics

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