Leaving massachusetts california's on my mind
I'm gettin outta medway and there's no better time
All the drama here has got my ear I've gotta leave
Sea to shining sea's the answer here, just let me be

I will get by
Several thousand miles to go and, I'm feelin fine
I will survive
Half way through new york and I've lost my mind

These sights, signs and people, never thought I'd get this far
Drivin on these freeways I've brought my guitar
All I wanna do is sing and play the rest of life
Pit stop down in vegas somethin else here's on the line

I will get by
Several thousand miles passed but I need to drive
I will survive
The place I left don't miss me and its, do or die

It's been a long ride down this road
And when I get there I'm never goin home
I find it hard to sleep at night
Do it by my lonesome counting sheep I just can't find
She never wants to see my face, careful what you wish for
I hope you see some better days

And I will get by
California's here and now it's time to try
And I will survive
All I lost in vegas was a life I'm tryin to find

Oh, I'm never going home
Say that I'm never, I'm never going home
Just leave me alone because I'm never going home
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Road Trip Lyrics

Richie Blais – Road Trip Lyrics