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Superstar Lyrics

Richard Marx – Superstar Lyrics

from album: Rush Street (1991)
You're the queen of your own little world, you really made a splash,
, you're like a plane flying high,
Yet not afraid to crash..
Everyone wants to know what goes on in your head,
Why do you choose to lie so lonely in your bed.

Maybe life happened, and happened too fast.
Won't let anybody touch you? (or just waiting)
You're a victim of your own past

Plain to see there's a woman cryin' out for help.
The star of so many, yet never one to herself,
Money means nothing, that's so plain to see.
You're a mystery to us all, you're looking for someone to set you free, (only one though)

You face the end of your youth in a tired fueling rage,
You talk to people with a tongue like a newly sharpened razor blade.
Yours is not a life that lets you take control,
Morals and convictions meet, and has taken a toll,

But in the end you'll be sleeping in the bed that you made.
Good or bad.. Rich or poor, you made it your own way
... It seems so clear to me, something has to change.
The person that you are, the lions that you tame

Make the choice to grab the reigns, or be a victim of your fate.
All your life, you've been running, from the dreams you give away...
Take it from me, I can feel your pain
I too am one, one that rules in taking the blame
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Songwriters: ASWAD W SAMPSON
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