Ticky Ticky yeah
Ti-Ticky Ticky yeah
Ti-ticky Ticky, you're the only girl I need, need...

Verse 1:
I'll admit it yeah she tried to step up and give it give it
But I belong to you so she couldn't get it get it
And there was other chicks but I wasn't wit' it
It was looking like fun and that was really it and
The guys you had before probably would have did it did it
But in me you can put your trust
Cause I promised you to be real, I am nothing like them

I don't really want to make you cry, never really want to saygoodbye
I don't ever want to turn your heart away, baby girl I wouldn'tdo you that
way, I only want to make you see, other girls don't mean a thingto me, if
all the things I do I do so you'll believe, that you're all thegirl I need

Girl you need to know that, even when you're not around I gotyour back, when
you hear the chit chat don't sweat that, yes yes, you're the onlygirl I
need, need....
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All The Girl I Need Lyrics

Richard Lugo – All The Girl I Need Lyrics

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