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The Plan Lyrics

Richard Hell – The Plan Lyrics

I withdrew from the street and all humanlike zones.
I'd had it, I'd had it- I was mush to the bones.
I covered the windows, I was taking no calls
Then I thought for a month inside the alien walls.

Now I know, oh
They dont' tell you so.
Now I know, oh
They don't tell you so.
Now I know, oh
They don't tell you so.
But I can recall
It all.

I called up a girl I'd known for so many years.
I'd seen her in shock, I'd seen the last of her tears.
I admired her style from her toes to her brain-
She accepted my plan and so she caught the next train.


We would secretly smile inside our surgical masks
But we were serious too- we accomplished our task.
The schedule was followed, a daughter was born
And so the mother departed- I was left with her form.


Her education's bugun- I'm intent on success.
Her breathtaking beauty it brings out my best.
I once knew true love- she won't know another.
Life is renewed, my little girl is my lover.

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