One step two steps
I think my feet are gonna leave the ground
Cause I need you god how I need you all the time
This time I'm resigned
To the way it's gonna feel inside
Cause I'm reelin oh really feelin tongue tied

This time this time I'm gonna get it
Make a move gotta prove that I'm really worth it

Here we go again
To the lions den
I'm in love again
Hope my heart aint gonna beat too loud
Here we go again
Making dreams my friend
I'm in love again
Never gonna let never gonna let
Never let you down

Let's see you and me
We'd make a little piece of history
But I'm hoping oh really hoping you get me
The truth is I want this
You are everything a love should be
I am certain so very certain ya hear me

Right now right now I'm gonna get it
Make a move never lose someone that is perfect
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I'm In Love Again Lyrics

Richard Harris – I'm In Love Again Lyrics