I go forward with you,
I'm in all the way.
Where we're riding to,
Please tell me some day.
For a glimpse is enough
To see I'm tied to this tree.
Trying hard to make history,
Rather it makes me.
So go on with the flow,
Wherever she'll go.
I'm tightening my belt
As my cold heart melts.
Oh sister. Oh mother.
You stranger. My lover.
Raise the flapping sails
Of your long lost tales.
As the forest cries to the sea...
Lover let's make a lovely daughter.
She will rise, rise, rise.
Swarming around
With the underground,
Big pole painted blue
Upward to you.
With a fainting glow
Wherever she'll go,
Unfolding a rain
Signed by thy name.
Oh sister. Oh mother.
You stranger. My lover.
Lay your healing hands
On the long lost land.
She'll go smooth. She'll go slow.
She'll find food and then she'll grow.
Grow up high above the sky.
She will cry. She will smile.
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Rise Lyrics

Richard Bull – Rise Lyrics