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Water Whip Lyrics

Rich The Kid – Water Whip Lyrics

[Hook – Rich The Kid][x2]
Bitches in the kitchen, dancing, water whipping chickens
Bitches in the kitchen, dancing, water whipping chickens
I’m addicted to that paper, got to get that guala
I know niggas that’ll kill you over 20 dollars

[Verse 1 – Rich The Kid]
Now money ain’t shit to a rich nigga
I got killers and gorillas that’ll deal with you
Snag a rapper on the roof, poof, with my shooter
And my pockets over [?] like that whore ass [?]
I ain’t got to shoot ya, cooling in Bermuda
My money long like the bus, your money like a ruler
Bitches in the kitchen dancing, water whipping chickens
Js in my trap they got a room just for sniffing
Now I’m trapping out the mansion, moved up out the bando
All my killers move in silence like they’re dressed in camo
I will put you in a box and ship you to your mother
I got all white bricks like Janet Jackson’s brother


[Verse 2 – Chill Will]
There he is, it’s Chill Will
Done bust more guns, then wild Bill
Yeen got to play hard, take it easy baby
Cause I’m making cash money just like Weezy baby
Her ass so fat, no butt pad
My pockets so fat, look like [?]
Imma take your ass to school, real talk
No school but [?] full of white chalk
I’m strapped up, act up
Pull the knife out, give your ass a tummy tuck
The trunk, back up
I looked in the rear, white unit backed up


[Verse 3 – Dirty Dave]
Why the fuck they call you dirty when your ass so clean
My bitch real nice but that ass so mean
I just pulled up in a Benz, bout to hop out in a ‘rari
I’m shitting on these niggas, excuse me, sorry
16 hours in the kitchen, I’m cooking up that yayo
That money come fast, watch me stack em up like legos
When the bricks touch down they hasta luego
Say she’s a Migos fan so I pass that ho to Quavo
Migo got a U-Haul truck I told a nigga send that shit
The money coming rapidly, that’s exactly how I spend that shit
Got them shooters all around toting 45s and Ks
You niggas plan on robbing me, bitch nigga not today
Let’s go

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