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Sorry Lyrics

Rich Homie Quan – Sorry Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Brand new money, brand new house
A little extra show money, dough bought the loft
My bitch big ol' ass the only thing soft
Deion Sanders with burglary because I never got caught
Come my shows my money you in the Creek no Dawson
I can spit 3:16 like Steve Austin
Throwing up big Bs like I play for Boston
Smoke more weed than a hippy and it cost me
A whole lot of money but Chiefin I cannot stop it
A lot of niggas funny and beefing bout these thot bitches
My Spanish bitch she talk a lil English so yes she got it
Free Bobby Shmurda last week I caught a body
Told that bitch to get on top and ride like a Ducati
Paste her face with nut and let another nigga copy
I love my head sloppy, shawty like to party
The monster come out of her when she on them narcotics
Shawty had no neck so I had to let Shiy hit
It's all about respect Aretha Franklin R-E-S-P-E-C-T to disregard this
I'm sorry, sorry, sorry
I'm sorry, promise baby it'll never happen again, I'm sorry
I've been on the road got no time to spend but I'm sorry
I swear to God that I'll never do it again girl I'm sorry
I'm on my knees right now asking you to accept my apology

[Rich Homie Talking]
Aye look man, I apologise
So right now what I want you to do is
Just hear me out
Please. Listen

[Verse 2]
Sorry for them times that I cheated
And I'm, sorry for them times I weren't there when you needed me
Sorry for the times I neglect you
But I didn't wanna hurt your feelings no you were the reason
I kept you locked down like I'm defence
I would sell 50 want nobody else to see it
Bout her a ring and she was speechless
Told her if we break up she can still keep it
Even though she got that wet I still leave her
Better yet water, should have named her Fiji
R.I.P Mary yeah I know this not no game but I might throw that green like my middle name Luigi
The objective of the day to be real I'm the motherfucking teacher
Mmm, chill down the mall every city how I go make sure security beefed up
Better join us can't beat us
It ain't over 'til the fat lady sing
Plus I'm hard to get off like a fat lady ring
How you a big dog when a cat make you scream?
I be calling calls like a new Jack city
Call me nino brown I am new Jack city
Ask your friend i was in that new black Bentley
Pilgrim fresh like everyday Thanksgiving
Children think I am rich as fuck cos I'm living
Yeah I got a lil money tryna get close to a billion
Fuck up my first onion then started bringing in bill
Came home with a 50 told mama imma get it just believe in my, I
Got something to do, got something to prove
I swear that god that I, am gon' be the best and do whatever it takes
I swear to god my nigga that I, I, I
I swear to god my nigga that I, I, I
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