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Rappin' Lyrics

Rich Homie Quan – Rappin' Lyrics

Woah woah woah (Rich Homie baby baby)
Woah woah wo-woah
Yeah (4x)

Cartier my frame
I can't see you nigga
Wouldn't wanna be you niggas (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Pull up in a drop head
Yall niggas be playing
100 thousand dollars every time I sleep
Wake up with Versace every time I leave
100 thousand dollars, y'all niggas can't keep
Big bank take little bank lil nigga
I don't wanna talk to her just thank her lil nigga
Cause she suck a good dick, aye
Riding round in my town lil nigga
We pull up we spraying
And I don't do no talking lil nigga
I play like I'm deaf
Got yo baby momma in the house with me
She cook for me naked
I can't spare no niggas, these niggas ain't gone spare me I swear
That's why I walk around with it on me
That's why I can't trust none of these phonies
That's why she suck around my meat like its some bologna
And she call me a freak I make her take off them garments
Every bitch that I pull up with you know that she foreign
I took her all around the world now she call me her lil tourist
Get yo bitch ass evicted fuck a 30 day notice
Army fatigue on with a chopper cause I'm a soldier
Boy I told ya, it ain't over
One shot, James Bond bitch it's golden
Talking 'bout my gun nigga I ain't talking bout no vulture
Wake up early on the morning like I'm on them Folgers
Pop up at yo house like a muhfuckin toaster
If you owe me money boy ya better come up over
Nah come up with it but I ain't trippin' about that petty money
Nah, fuck it, I'm trippin'
My shoes tied they laced up
All my blunts not laced up
I smoke nothing but that great stuff
Wrappin' weed yeah, wrappin' weed
Wrappin' weed, fake rapper wanna fuck with me
All the hooks on and these my checks nigga
I ain't done motherfucking shit free
Y'all thought I was playin
Gotta king size bed my nigga every night I'm laying
Three bitches with me at all times I swear I swear
No fool when it come to bitches I need two pair

You don't know what I been through but I know (4x)
I say I know, I know, I know, I know (2x)
I say that I know I, know I, know, I know
I know, I know that I know what I been through
You don't know what I been through
I been through so much... aye
I been through so much you can see the scars on my face
You can tell that I ain't playing
Rich Homie baby
Call be Rich Homie Quan

To me, I feel as if I'm the greatest in my tessitura, which meaning range, nigga
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