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Attempted Murder Lyrics

Rich Homie Quan – Attempted Murder Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rich Homie Quan]
If you owe me money Ima have six niggas right in front of yo momma house
You don't want these problems
Been stackin' in the attic don't make me bring the money down
Got nuts on the 223, so you know this muthafucker shoot a hunnit rounds
Come around my hood thinkin' shit sweet, guns loud like the thunder sound
Funny now allot of niggas hatin, must mean that these niggas got plenty time
Momma pround cause I moved out that hood and I lived to see 25
Obama style, presidential kush gotta smoke everyday just to get me high
Love me now, when I make my first 10 mill ain't nun to talk about
Walk it out like DJ Unk, go DJ, talkin' bout DJ Fresh
Macaulay Culkin, home alone with yo bm and she gettin' naked
Know she the best, pussy finger lickin' HA we the best
Preacher sly deacons confess
Lead em' got me in the traffic
Pull up my pants, roll up my sleeves
Cut off my hair grow it back like Eve
Surveillance at the house boy I spent like three
I grind in the day, ion't know what night bring
White tee shirt ooh I think they like me
You might get hurt if you ever try me
Pull up on em out skirt, two trucks, nine deep
Yo spot hoot it up Ia in't talkin' IV

[Verse 2: Rich Homie Quan]
My swagg is contagious
I prayed to God for courage (what did he do)
He made courageous
I swear, I still ain't told half of my story
Demons be ragin' off through my brain, they say I'm insane but I know I'm straight
I just take percocets to relive pain, take it away I know I'm straight
I gotta eyewatch and I know I'm late, ain't ate in days so I gobbled the cake
She wanted love so I slaughtered the bait
Paid off my lawyer I caught a lil case
My heart and my soul give you all that it take
Stack my first ten mill it's all in the making
See eye to eye cause it's all in relations
Niggas who cowards we callin' em Ms. Daisy
I got this Glock on my waist like a beeper
Got yo hoe callin' my spot like a teacher
Make these lil niggas respect me Aretha
I got a machete they say its illegal, I cut these lil niggas up into pieces
I need my money I don't do no freebies
Do it for my kids and my nephews and nieces
I already done it, you have it yeah keep it
I'ma shine til I die gotta keep me a purpose
When I'm flyin' by see lease and I purchased
I'm higher than high like I'm leaving this earth
If I'm drivin' by leave the scene and hearse
Phaphapha, fire up any nigga who lurkin'
Drop you in water better hope you surf
And you would've died if it wasn't for them nurses, that's what you call an attempted murder

Yeaaahhh, yeaahhh, yeaahh, yeahhh, yeahhh
Yeaaahhh, yeaahhh, yeaahh, oh yeah, oh yeah
I got away with it, I got away with it, I got away with attempted murder, murder murder murder
I got away with it I did, I got away with it I swear I did
I got away with attempted murder, murder murder murder
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