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On The Regular Lyrics

Rich Boy – On The Regular Lyrics

All I do is hit that bitch!

On the regular, on the regular
All the time, on the regular
(All I do is hit that bitch!) On the regular
(You'll never find me smokin') On the regular
On the regular, on the regular

It's a part of me, make me lust ya
Makes me wanna touch ya
I tongue kiss ya where I fuck ya baby girl, ooh
(So how you look?) You are so beautiful
(You look so good) From head to toe wonderful
Your mind's incredible (Hit that bitch!)

[Chorus 2:]
You know how we do it (on the regular)
How we gettin' this money (on the regular)
(all the time, on the regular)
All I do is hit that bitch! (on the regular)
You'll never find me smokin' (on the regular)
We be poppin' these bottles (on the regular)
We be shoppin' and ballin'(on the regular)
I can take you wherever you wanna roll, let's go!

[Verse 2:]
A full time G wit' this ballin' shit
These other niggas part time playin' they skits
I make ya feel good while they make ya sick
From ya nails to ya hair to ya outfit
You thick, you the shit girl I must admit
This Rich Boy baby so the truth I spit
Yeah, it's official everythang I'm tellin' ya
And you won't ever see me buyin' nothin' that's regular
Hey, I fell in love wit'cha look
The way them lips move when ya talk got me hooked
Hey, I can take ya to the top of the world
Have ya body draped in diamonds and pearls, make ya my girl
Come on, so we keep it on the hush
Can't fight the lust I gotta touch
Hey, so if you really wanna roll
Hop in, wit' a playa let's go

[Chorus 2:]

[Verse 3:]
We can go where you wanna go
Fly out to Capedro everythang paid fo'
Hey, get a room at the Larmatage
Get a massage, the boy do it large
Hey, so lady like, you my lady right
Baby do me right, come on over here spend the night
Hey, and we ain't gotta check out
So let's stay it's a beautiful day to fly away
Hey, do the G thang in ya G-strang
I don't even pay attention to the weddin' rang
No, so ride wt' me baby, get high wit' me baby
You can do it, just try for me baby, hey
On the regular, this how it feel to be rich
On the regular, I be fuckin' ya bitch
On the regular, hey hey hey oh!

[Chorus 2:]
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