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Jimmy Jimmy Lyrics

Ric Ocasek – Jimmy Jimmy Lyrics

Hey jimmy
What's the matter with you tonight
Nothing to do
Can't think of anything to do
Got to get out of here
Go out and watch a fight
Open up some heads
Go for life
That's not dead
Got to get some kicks instead
Of just sitting around
Thinking about what's wrong
With everything in your life
You can't see to well
What's going on
But there's something going on
That you don't know about

Nobody's getting off
We're all in this together
Nobody's getting off
It must be now or never
Nobody's getting off
Must this drag on forever
Nobody's getting off
We're all in this together

Hey jimmy
They're calling you back
They want you to come back
And take out the garbage
They want to talk to you
About something
They found in your drawer
Under a hustler magazine
They want to cool you out
And ignore your problems
They want you to stay in line
What happened to my baby
Where did he go wrong
Why can't he be like other kids
Just go along
What's the matter
With these kids today
What's the matter
With these kids today
Hey jimmy
You don't look so good tonight
Are you depressed
Or something
You look spaced out
Isn't there something
You could be doing
Instead of watching tv
Or listening to the FM
Don't you want to think about nothing
Don't you want to do something
Are you pretending
Nothing's wrong
It can happen here
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Songwriters: RIC OCASEK
Jimmy Jimmy lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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