With the last stop on your long way in
Sight, and the preview of a metamorphose
Into rotten flesh, you'll deny your god and
Sing this last song:
"A divine comedy, about god's insanity, as a
Grotesque theathre, based on hypocrisy"

+ Reverende Pater, benedic me, quio volo
Confiteri peccata mea coran domino et de
Dominus Jesus Christi, sit in orde tuo et
Super labiis tuis et sincere confetearis
Peccata tua

+ Dominus noster Jesus Christus te absolvat
Et ego, auctoritate Ipsius, te absolvo a
Peccatis tuis. In nomine Patri et filii et
Spiritus sancti Amen. Vade in pace

And now you embrace your pagan gods, and new
Illusions you create, but after a while your
Dogmatic conformism, makes your Odin the new Christ...

Requiem for your long dead god, as a shama-
Nistic prophecy, a pagan ceremony for the
Buried god... You'll never find 'm back!

Requiem / Burying your gods forever... And ever...
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Requiem - Burying Your Gods Forever Lyrics

Rhymes Of Destruction – Requiem - Burying Your Gods Forever Lyrics