Do... Do you remember back
In middle school
When my trunks fell down
At the pool

Everyone laughed
Except for you
You just let me hold you
In my bedroom

Our freshman year
When Julie Midnight
Dump me because of
My overbite

I cried all night
All over you
You didn't seem to mind
My tears or my drool

I could always hold you tight
[My favorite pillow]

So soft so cool on your other side
[ My favorite pillow ]

In my eyes you been nothing but classy
But everybody saying you are nasty
Ffull of fungus it can't be true
Lating with bacteria, no, not you

But the thing that
Did it did me end
I learned your full of
Dustmite excrement

And those dead skin cells
Might be mine
But knowing what's in you
I can't sleep at night

We've been through all thick and thin
[ Because you are a pillow ]
Is hard to think this is the end
[ my favorite pillow ]

Is not me, is definitively you
[ I'll get a new pillow ]
You are a body fluid spone and we are through...
[ I'm getting a new you]
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My Favorite Pillow Lyrics

Rhett And Link – My Favorite Pillow Lyrics