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In The Town Lyrics

Rhapsody – In The Town Lyrics

Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town

[Verse 1: Rapsody]
Word around town spread, she lying on her deathbed
Used to spend most her days making sure they love fed
Corners used to hold her like coasters do Colas
And then when his satellite cobra striking and her disses paying good bread
She young, 18, never listened to what her mom said
Her daddy touch her fatty, now her real daddy insulted
Using his child to put some money in they wallet
She young, child bearing a child, she feeling nauseous
Sick of the world but got a fetus, need to feed it
So her need to me and then give it pleasure all for her baby girl
She curls her hair with irons, not hot as the heat she lyin with
That got her sick and now her insides inside her dying
Cars past they flyin, but everything around her slowing all
She sees the money that the town give to buy her
Soul, at 18 years old
Remind me of so many young girls I know in the town

[Hook: Rapsody]
In the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
In the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town
Downtown, in the town

[Verse 2: Rapsody]
The nights move fast when the lights turn off slow
She all done shopping, got some brand new platforms
She could walk the town flagging down new Acuras or
Shiny Accords with two pastors in back of 'em
Don't make her feel God, can't forgive her for all of those
Said she stack her paper and won't change forever ho
And she ain't even showing so she going for all the dough
Cause the stress piling up and what she need is some help to cope
Exchange with drug dealers, some blow for blow hilla
Tryna take her mind off the killer like pillars dope
Her mind stay on it, wishing God would just make it snow
And take her off the streets, if only just for Monday though
The town hard and she scarred and she just wanna let go
On her dying bed, she take her last breath on an overdose
Only hours after pushing out a young baby though
She named her a miracle and prayed for her baby's soul


[Verse 3]
And now she older, 16 on the corner
Raised by her mom and daddy, smoking marijuana
Her real mom and daddy though, she never got to know 'em
Never knew a different life because no one was there to show her
Take her by the shoulders, tell her she was beautiful
Without a shame you never paid that at her age won't use you all
She never finished school and never got to go to prom
And spent most her weekends working, putting needles in her arm
All the older women say she look just like her mom
And how she used to read the scripture from the Bible, Mark and John
But now she's all alone in the town by herself
Like her mom tending to they needs, living for the wealth
Worried 'bout her health and the life that's inside her
Reading scriptures from the Bible now and this is the cycle of the town

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