[Guy Verse]
Are you feeling me girl 'cause I'm feeling you,
There's something when I look into your eyes.
Now I don't need to spend no game on you girl,
But I want to have you in my arms tonight...

Girl it seems to me, you're not looking for a man...
And what I'm telling you girl, you probably won't care...
But what I'm wanting to tell you, if you listen to me,
Maybe I can change your mind, hope you feel this way...

Because when I'm with you girl, I get butterflies.
When I look into your eyes, I'm hypnotized.
Can't you see that I want to be with you
Can we chill only if it's cool?

[Girl Verse]
It's been a while since I've had a man...
And it's hard for me to trust someone again...
I know that with you I know I won't get hurt,
Because you want a life that I know won't hurt

Baby, I've been waiting for you to say those words,
Cause I feel the same way too,
I'm so scared but I want to be with you,
And I'm willing to try with you baby...


[Guy] Baby can we chill, can we chill, can we chill tonight?
[Girl] As long as I'm in your arms tonight...
[Together] Let's take it slow, and build something together
[Guy] Trust me girl...
[Girl] Trust me boy...
[Together] We'll be forever!

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Butterflies Lyrics

Reynard Silva – Butterflies Lyrics