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After Darkness Lyrics

Rex Razor – After Darkness Lyrics

You’ll be alright child
The pain will go away
The tears, like raindrops on your soul
Will wash the pain away
You’ll come out strong, fresh as new
And you’ll soar up high like an eagle
Against the current
You’re much stronger in the turbulence

My mama should’ve told me
After Darkness, comes the light yeah
Everything’s gon’be okay
Don’t you worry spread yours wings and fly
Smile for me, baby, don’t you cry (X2)

It’s a wicked world we’re living in
We watch our loved ones die in the hands of men
It’s hard to move on, actin’ like it’s okay
Instead of raising our swords against the enemy
We are told to forgive and kiss our enemies
We are bold so we smile with a broken heart
We shake hands and embrace yeah for a start

What would you do when they come for you?
Where do you go when the world hates you?
Who do you call when they hurt you?
Look up the heavens or attack too? (2x)

The world cannot give you peace
Because it can’t
But God will
Because He is.
Rex Razor---It’s gettin’major!
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