Here the sunrise is black
And there is nothing strange in this
When my eyes are dead
I can't see the real things

Evil can't be good
And good always wins
Where is the truth
This is not the truth

There is no light I can see
There is no path I can walk
How can I live in this hell
It's a life without sense
Now I've lost everything
I'm dead but I live
All I want is the End

The Sunrise is black [x2]

I'm standing on the edge
Trying to find my last hope
I have lost the will to live
Now I'm tired and I know:
The sunrise... Is black

The Sunrise is black [x2]


Now I look into the eyes of the dead
Without fear in my heart
I know that she never lies to me, never... Never!

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Sunrise Is Black Lyrics

Revenge Project – Sunrise Is Black Lyrics