S.O.S. (Serious Overcoming Sista)
Well I was broken, bound up
Chained till I felt I was choking
I felt like giving up
Oh I was fed up
Felt like I just couldn't keep up

You came into my life
Washed me with the blood
And you set me free
Now I'm no longer bound
Jesus spoke to me... he said

I'm a serious overcoming
Serious oh I'm so over that
Serious overcoming Sista

I feel like a natural woman
Changed and I'm not
Going back there
I feel like pressing on
I got a new song
The word keeps me
Stronger and stronger

See I was broke busted
And disgusted
Felt may life spinning
Out of control
The book on the shelf
Kept calling me out
Calling me out, calling me out
Said Jesus loves me, Jesus Loves me
This I know because the Bible tells me so...
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S.O.S. (Serious Overcoming Sista) Lyrics

Rev 7 – S.O.S. (Serious Overcoming Sista) Lyrics