I'm tired of waiting for you to say that you'll be mine
I'm tired of facing you, to hear you say these things take time
I was a rolling stone until you changed my ways
Now I know where I belong, don't you feel the same
Don't lead me on baby, don'
T lead me on now
Don't lead me on
I'm tired of chasing you over hill and over dale
I thought I was pacing you, but then you threw me off your trail
All I want is the same from you, as what you get from me
Why can't we see this thru, must you disagree
Ooo don't lead me on
I'm so tired but I gotta stay strong
After all I've waited for so long
To fins me a lover I could give my life to
I'd have nothin' if I didn't have you
I'm tired of wasting yours and my sweet precious time
I'm tired of tasting tears that should have long been she'd and dried
I hoped that maybe someday we'd look back and we both could laugh
But as for now you've left me cold and broke in half
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Don't Lead Me On Lyrics

Return To Zero – Don't Lead Me On Lyrics