Somewhile it has been about million years
The human world was born for the presence of thunders
He crept out at four looked at the world
Released a shriek, he ate up plants

He came to springs as far as fountain
He looked at himself drank from his palm
He was hurt by nature and created the first weapon
On body of veil with two knives
To hunt animals bake above fire
And his hunger to satisfy

In many years, in many centuries
It's another world, it's a world without children
People want to kill each other and they don't
Want to have children
They kill animals and they just live in trust
That they will change and more reasonable

However these a few sentences
Have a power of floods

In pulls their conscience like water constructions
After all people will be struck and they are like obsessed
When they change a power into that dead message,
The planet without health, with nature without color

The life hasn't been in destroyed green
Just blowing of cars and skyscrapers to heaven
Remain only monuments
Dirt in water and ashes in the air

We will have only the coat of beton then everything will
And it will be again the earth with
Beautiful clouds and water like crystal
And with green coatings
Again for the presence of thunders and storms
A new creature will be created

Without rockets, without wars, without murders and fights
That all starts again, 'tis a strange world
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Whirligig Of The World Lyrics

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