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Eldorado Lyrics

Restless Heart – Eldorado Lyrics

from album: Big Dreams In A Small Town (1988)
Way out west in a land called El Dorado
There's a ribbon of gold hidden high upon a mountain side.
Many an adventurous soul has tried to find her
And many is the dreamer who's failed to stake the claim.

Whoa-oh Oh El Dorado
Show me your heart of purest gold
I'll never stop searchin' til' I've found you
Whoa-oh El Dorado call to me
Won't you call to me.

Legends tell us the tail of the Mother Load
A fortune in gold burried deep within a shroud of stone
And though the laughter that springs from a cold, cold grave
Will leave you with a shiver, chill you to the very bone.

(Repeat chorus)

Voices in the night....... I know you're out there waiting
Pulling me inside......... I can feel the undertow


Won't you call to me
El Dorado
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