The temperatures of your skin
Rising straight through the roof
We're on our way to begin

Counting lights in the night
Sinking straight through the sheets. Higher

We're headed for what takes
Speeding without the breaks

The joke is we'll take it slow we're
Touching until we know
Were places unknown to us
Come on let's give up

Let us take this right of the bat
You can't resist smell of our sweat
Don't waste any time now
I'll tell you where were going

I'll admit I'm one for watching
And no honey I'm not one for talking
We'll light this room on fire
I see who I desire.

Falling in the grass patch were we say just how we feel
Were just like we feel
We feel like falling into the sky
And if you had to ask,
I would say

Bodies folding bending molding
Into what we need
I'll show you what I need
Sounds exploding feelings growing now fall asleep with me
You're just what I need

Time to find me
I'm lost in your
It's a long time
Coming sure
All from lying in your eyes

Falling has lost it's appeal to me now
Hearts racing faster as we turn around
The painless sensation it fills every pore
Can you take me we can make this be more
Can you take me can you
Can you take me can you
Can you take me can you
Can you?
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Hot N' Bothered Lyrics

Reset Your Mind – Hot N' Bothered Lyrics