Rotti: Shilo, thanks for coming...
It's nice to see, a young girl blooming,
My children have been, well, disappointing...
I'm Rotti Largo

Shilo: I know...

Rotti: I own Geneco...

Shilo: Please, let me go

Rotti: Sorry to be so technical~
You're very clever, you're a tough on to find...
Climbing through holes, tell me why you hide
Your pretty face

Shilo: I cannot be outside,
I have a blood disease...

Rotti: But there is hope,
An antidote, and you could be the first
To sample it, the Geneco fix
For all blood diseases, and I could use
Someone like you, as a child of progress~!
This is what you've waited for Shilo,
Your chance to see the world Shilo,
In your Grasp!

Shilo: I... I don't...

Rotti: The function awaits,
Will you be my date?
Blind Mag will be there...

Shilo: Mag...?

Rotti: You two should meet-

Shilo: I must leave, my dad will worry...

Rotti: WHo says dad needs to know everything?
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The Limo Scene Lyrics

Repo: The Genetic Opera – The Limo Scene Lyrics