Three homeless people
Christmas Bells Are Ringing
Christmas Bells Are Ringing
Christmas Bells Are Ringing -
Out Of Town
Santa Fe
Honest Living, Man!

Feliz Navidad!

Homeless person
Evening, Officers

Smile For Ted Koppel, Officer Martin!

And a Merry Christmas to your families


Blanket person
Who The fuck Do You Think You Think You Are?
I Don't Need Any Goddamn Help
From Some Bleeding Heart Cameraman
My Life's Not For You To
Make A Name For Yourself On!

Easy Sugar, Easy
He Was Just Trying To--

Blanket person
Just Trying To Use Me To Kill His Guilt
It's Not That Kind Of Movie, Honey
Let's Go - This Lot Is Full Of
Motherfucking Artists
Hey Artist
You Gotta Dollar?
I Thought Not
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On The Street Lyrics

Rent – On The Street Lyrics