We made tracks for the Great Highway
In the night the storm had calmed
Obscurely, they just stood by
Not a trace was left there now
No single sign to show they'd ever been
Disappeared like a breath of wind
Wrung my hands in a silent cry
You held my head, I couldn't speak
In that place called the Great Highway
Light above us the earth beneath


I'm fainting in the storm
Hold me fast
While the horseman pass
Sister, I feel their burning hearts
Carry me away

Took them down to the Great Highway
In a night that was raging fast
Questioned, as others lied
Destined to be the last
Their thoughts scattered to the wind
The blood of a thousand tribes
We had promised to be steadfast
To the things that they believed in
In that place called the Great Highway
Not a word we could ever say

Repeat chorus


Repeat chorus twice

Of the lonely hunter
On the Great Highway
In the light
Voices of the silenced
On the Great Highway
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The Great Highway Lyrics

Renaissance – The Great Highway Lyrics